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"First appetizers and drinks, then money…"

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We went to Prague once with some friends. It's a great city, by the way. We went into
a pizza joint and ordered two large pizzas, drinks, and some appetizers. They gave us
the appetizers and the drinks right away, and then told us they'd bring the pizza over to
our table in 10 minutes.

We went up to the to the second floor and sat there for like 20 minutes, and still no pizza.
I went back down to drop a hint that we'd been waiting for a long time. When the girl behind the counter saw me, her jaw dropped. I’m good looking, but not that good looking.

It turns out she completely forgot to give the order to the kitchen. In lots of restaurants they'd just say go back and wait another 10 minutes, but in this place the manager came out and apologized for the mistake with a smile. To smooth things over he offered us some food and drinks on the house so that we didn't die of hunger while we waited for the pizzas.

Of course we accepted his offer, and we ate so much that we had to take the pizza home with us. We went back to this little hole in the wall three more times during our trip. We told the story to at least 5 local people – a nice advertisement for the place.

If they had been focused on profit at that restaurant instead of their customers, they probably would have lost our business that night and the business we brought in with us when we came back.

I applied this lesson to my own life, and now I always offer appetizers and drinks on the house to every visitor to our website. And you know what? It works! We can’t make our “pizzas” fast enough to meet demand.

Today in step 3 we'll talk about how you can start actually making money from your
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