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"Give holes to millions, and tens of thousands will make you rich…"

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15 years ago I was selling high-end costume jewelry in one of the largest stores in my city.

I worked there for about 5 months. During my time there, I noticed there this one regular customer who would come into the store at least two or three times a week. All the salespeople treated her with respect. I could see that our jewelry wasn't in her price range. But every time she came in she would try things on, and maybe once a month she would actually buy something.

The strange thing was I never saw her actually wear any of the jewelry from our store. Once
I knew I was on my way out, I asked her, “Why do you buy the jewelry if you never wear it?”

Her answer surprised me. “I don't particularly like wearing any accessories. I just love
the process of buying beautiful and expensive things. And I like the way the staff treats
me here.”

At the time her answer didn’t make sense to me, but I understand it now. She wasn't buying jewelry. She was buying attention. Or to flip it, we weren't selling her jewelry. We were selling her attention and the way we treated her.

There's a certain expression that we like around here, and it goes like this: “People don't buy drills. They buy the holes they can make with the drills they buy.” So if you want to sell drills, you should... to get the full version you need to fill out a short form below.

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