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"You can reach millions of people, or go the way of the dinosaur..."

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My sister came home one day after meeting with the representatives of a local insurance company. She was bursting with enthusiasm. She decided she was going to sell life insurance, and I was her first prospective customer.

The problem was that I was already insured and I had no desire to take out another policy. But my sister was undeterred. She spent two and a half hours selling me on the advantages of her company.

In the first week of her new job, she had twelve of these little meetings with other relatives and mutual acquaintances of ours. In the second week she met with fifteen. In the third week she met with eight, and by the fourth week she was down to just three. She said we were all stupid, and she dropped her “wonderful” new business because none of us had signed on.

She spent about 100 hours talking thirty different people to death, all without asking any
of us whether we needed what she was selling in the first place.

Meanwhile in just one hour I was able to make my proposal to 10,000 people, 147 of which asked me to tell them more, 12 of which made me a sizable income.

My sister was going about things like a dinosaur in a world where robots are nothing new. Instead of a creating a money-making machine, she was busy talking people’s ears off.

The first of the five steps on the path to creating this money-making machine is simple.
But before we tell you about it, you need to understand that the modern world has no room for dinosaurs.

We've seen so many examples over these past few years of how the rules on building and expanding a business have changed drastically... to get the full version you need to fill out a short form below.

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