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Two pearl hunters set out to sea one early morning. As soon as they arrive, the first dives into the sea and comes up with two oysters. He sits down and lays the oysters in front of himself. The second keeps diving and gets 2 to 3 new oysters each time.

The second diver notices that the first one is just sitting there after getting a few oysters,
so he asks him, “Why aren't you diving? What's up?”

“I have faith that if I pray all day, God will put a pearl in at least one of these,” the first diver responds.

By the evening the second hunter had brought up several dozen clams, one of which had
a pearl in it. The first finished praying, but when he opened his clams he didn't find any pearls inside.

We can spend our lives hoping that the oysters we carry around will be filled with pearls.
But that probably will not happen. You’d be better off picking up a few more clams.

When was the last time you seriously thought about finding the right business for you?
Lots of people search for a long time, which isn't surprising. Sometimes in order to find
a pearl you need to open up a few clams, not just one.

But sitting around and hoping that a miracle will happen is definitely not the right way
to go about it.

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