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"The secret to earning $173,000 instead of $2,000 for the same work…"

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Yesterday we told you the most inappropriate story in the series. Today we're going to tell you the most important story. We heard this story from Burke Hedges. Thanks, Burke!

Two friends, Pablo and Bruno, lived in a small village, and they both wanted a better life. They didn't mind working hard, and they searched for a way to achieve their goals and make their dreams a reality.

One day the village elder hired the two to get water from the source at the top of the mountain and carry it down through the valley to the village. Their payment was pending
the amount of water they brought to the village.

Bruno and Pablo enthusiastically accepted the offer. Every day, from dusk to dawn, they lugged buckets of water up from the valley to the village. One day Bruno decided to get
a bigger bucket, so that he could earn more money by carrying more water on each trip.

Pablo tried to think of a better way to earn more, and one day he came up with a great idea! The idea was to build an aqueduct, to bring water down from the mountain to the village. The aqueduct would carry much more water to the village, and Pablo wouldn't have to carry buckets back and forth anymore!

Pablo naturally shared his idea with his friend Bruno and proposed that they work together to build this aqueduct. But Bruno thought the idea was ridiculous. All Bruno could think about was the money he was making now and how to make more at a faster pace. The way he saw it, building an aqueduct would take too much time and it simply would delay them from achieving their goals, and Bruno thought they should simply carry the water.

A month later Bruno and the rest of the villagers were always mocking Pablo, calling him Pablo the Plumber, because he spent all his days building that aqueduct. Meanwhile Bruno's income doubled from carrying bigger buckets. But Bruno saw that his back was become hunched, his face leaner, and his body more emaciated from the strain of carrying buckets. He started carrying less and less water because his health was constantly deteriorating.

Several months later Pablo finished the aqueduct and he started making more money than he ever had before. The water flowed to the village constantly, and the money came pouring in just like the water from the aqueduct, even while Pablo was relaxing, sleeping, or eating, in came the money.

The story of Bruno and Pablo has a real life lesson to be learned! Their work symbolizes the kind of work people do in life. Bruno makes money by carrying buckets full of water. He goes back and forth day after day, carrying water in exchange for money.

Pablo, on the other hand, didn't want to trade his time for a limited income. Instead he used part of his time to build an aqueduct. He knew that the aqueduct would bring him a regular income for as long as the water flowed.

What do you do in life? Are you a Bruno, trading your time for money? Or are you a Pablo – someone who understands that you can make more money using business tools?

How do you envision your future? Are you going to work like a dog, similar to Bruno or use your brain like Pablo? The good news is that you can start building your aqueduct today...
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