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Income System Boot Camp Video 1

"Internet business is here, while mammoths still walk
among us …"

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he entire team here at Income System welcomes you to the first of seven video tutorials.
In them, we’ll share with you how we used the Internet to expand our business in over
40 countries in just 12 months. We’ll tell you how you can generate a constantly increasing
six-figure income (in dollars!).

We have this friend, Michael, who we call Mammoth because of his inability to change and adapt to his surroundings. Judge for yourself whether he deserves the nickname: Mammoth bought his first pager when we were all using SMS. He switched from tape to CD when we were already listening to music on MP3 players.

But the worst of it is his job – repairing typewriters that haven't been made in over 10 years. Mammoth is always complaining about how he keeps losing clients and how his parents never gave him the opportunity to get into a real profession. He complains, but it never occurs to him try his hand at something else. Like we said – he’s a Mammoth.

What would you do if you were Michael?

Sometimes it seems like millions of mammoths somehow survived the ice age. And we see them all around us every single day.

Now do you get why we decided to start our own business on the Internet?

The world has been completely transformed in the last 15 to 20 years. This is the first time in history that most people in the world have had a real chance to make a success of their lives.

It seems like it was just yesterday that you needed hundreds of thousands of dollars at as
a minimum to start an international business. Now you just need a few hundred.

You needed special protection and connections just to start a local business. Now all you need is Internet access.

To move your products or services, you would have needed a store, a staff, and warehouse space. Now all you need is a web page.

Before, you would have been completely tied down by your business. It would have been
a huge investment, both in terms of time and money. You’d go home just to sleep and grab a bite. But now you can go anywhere in the world and operate your business from wherever you land.

Before, there was no way you could trust someone else to oversee your business for you. Now there are all kinds of tools that can do it for you.

Before, a large part of running a small business was the endless wining and dining of local clients. Today your potential client base is the entire world’s population.

Thanks to the Internet, today most people have the opportunity to get rich by working for themselves. Yesterday’s employees finally have the chance to get out of the rat race and start working for themselves today.

Only the laziest of mammoths would pass up the extraordinary opportunities all around them.

Simply put, if you have the desire, you can:

  • Get started with just a couple hundred dollars.
  • Expand your business all around the world.
  • Work from anywhere in the world.

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